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108 galvanized bridges(2000 tons) exported to Myanmar in 2010
A bailey bridges erected at crane beach hydropower station, Sichuan province( deck-ty pe,type-200,39.624m long, I 8-row,single-lane,6m wide)
Bailey bridges (deck-type,CrOSS- sea or river) to China Zhongtie Major Bridge Engineering Group Co, LTD,CCCC Harbor Engineering Co, LTD,China Highway Engineering Co.,LTD and so on
Bailey bridges for disaster relief in Sichuan
A bailey bridge erected at fengxiang county, Shaanxi Province (type-200,67.056m long, single-span,double-row, single-layer,reinforced)
Bridge business conducted with LONGXING CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Co, LTD, Heibei province(type-200,51. 816m long, double-row, single-layer,reinforced)
Bailey bridges (type-200, 108m long,single span and 60. 96m long, quadruple-row, single-layer,reinforce respectively) to China Railway 6th Group for Ka-yang highway, Muli County, Sichuan Province
Bridge business conducted with Sichuan Futang Hydropower Co. Ltd (type-200,51.816m long,quadruple row, single layer,reinforced,single-lane,4.2m wide)
Pedestrian Bailey bridge in Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province

Overseas Business Profile

Bailey bridges manufactured by Jiangsu Bailey Steel Bridge Co., LTD not only have good market reputation domestically,but also were exported to foreign countries such as Nepal, Nigeria, Angola, Congo, Cambodia,Venezuela, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Papua new guinea, Italy and so on.

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